Release your inner child

Think Richard Branson. Think Oprah Winfrey. Think Steve Jobs. They didn’t listen to the haters. They connected disparate stimuli and potent influences to do what felt right to them. You never know, you might just set off a spark in others and inspire the whole world.

Fertile new ground

With these perilous warnings ringing in our ears, we are thankfully finally seeing sustainability going mainstream, creating fertile new ground for brands to play in. Recently a coalition of major brands joined together to experiment with a zero-waste platform.

Distinction over differentiation

This approach is what led to the creation of a new brand in the disability and aged care space. Genü is the melding of two legacy brands with a long history of supporting vulnerable people.

Keep calm and let go

A.I., smartphones, the Internet of Things, chatbots… the pace of change appears to accelerating at an ever increasing rate. But data tells another story. The speed of change is in fact static. We adopt smartphones and computers at the same rate we did radios and televisions.

The perils of being something to everyone.

Consumers are flooded with choice. Concurrently, marketers are overwhelmed being all things to all people. “Smart niching” is one of the most effective ways of creating bonds between customers and brands. It means standing for something and sticking to your guns.