Cozy Campaigning

Wine Geelong's Winter Shiraz Weekend was a showcase event had annually that encouraged people to enjoy the regions cold-weather wine cellar-door outlets.

– Campaign
– Brand Identity
– Digital Design
– Print Design


How do you attract people out of their homes during the coldest, wettest weekend that Victoria has to offer? For the Winter Shiraz Weekend, the answer was the romance of the cozy cellar door.


Fluid developed a graphic language that swapped green vines and sunshine for beanies, fairy lights and cozy corners by the fire. The campaign adopted a structure of using three word statements, highlighting the opportunities to socialise, and travel between pockets of romantic coastline. Locations were integrated into an eBook guide that linked to their locations on Google Maps allowing fast and direct travel between wineries while being promoted through animated social posts.


The graphic approach used in the Winter Shiraz Weekend went on to become the visual inspiration for the Wine Geelong master brand.

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– Campaign
– Brand Identity
– Digital Design
– Print Design

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