Engaging Purposeful Branding

Glen Eira City Council has four libraries that are a long-standing community service. Fluid was asked to increase participation in both student and working individuals – reversing the trending decline in library use, and repositioning libraries as relevant spaces for the whole Glen Eira community.

– Brand Strategy
– Identity
– Environmental
– Corporate Comms
– Typography
– Print design


Glen Eira Council was looking to transform perceptions of libraries from purely educational spaces to cultural spaces using Glen Eira Libraries identity as a part of a larger push to show how much more libraries can offer their local communities than was been taken advantage of.


Fluid distilled the Glen Eira Libraries internal strategy document and ultimately used it as a guide to inform the design solution. In order to get a better understanding of the Glen Eira Libraries brand Fuid explored applying a new brand positioning built around 'Inspiring community to come together.' to the exisitng customer journey including digital and physcial environments.


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