Designing Farming Futures

Australia's only independent agricultural and equine business management college.

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Marcus Oldham is an agricultural college established in 1962 and is focussed on teaching skills that the farmers and agribusiness managers will need to ensure that the increased demand for agriculture products can be met well into the future. It is expected that by 2025 that the worlds’ population will grow by a further 20% amounting to an additional 1.5 billion people to feed and clothe by 2050.


Marcus Oldham Foundation required a strategy to help them to create tactics that they could use to secure philanthropic funding for the construction of the state of the art Marcus Oldham Learning Centre designed by Dr. Peter Jamieson, Strategic Advisor on Learning Environments.

The strategy phase helped to clarify the desired audience for the campaign and Fluid developed a plan to reach them. The road map Fluid created included recommending tactics and activities to target philanthropic donors, including a launch kit, a video, banners, and a keynote presentation for presentations conducted by the Chairman of the Marcus Oldham Council, Bruce Wilson.


One such output was a cleverly designed prospectus with a custom sleeve, envelope and fly-leaf tracing paper inserts. The document outlined the plan for the new state of the art learning centre and exmplained why it is vital to ensure the college continues to educate great minds well into the future.


– Strategy
– Print Production
– Publishing

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