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‘The Working With Children Check’ (WWW Check) website is a vital piece of digital infrastructure that enables the State Government to protect children’s rights by regulating those who can and cannot work with them.

– Brand Strategy
– Website Design
– UX
– UI


Anecdotal and formal feedback from a comprehensive website review indicated to the government that users of the existing site were experiencing significant Challenges locating information. The site was dated, complicated and time-consuming to navigate, resulting in wasted resources spent managing calls and emails to the WWC Check Customer Support team.


Fluid worked alongside a UX research partner and communications team. The project commenced with a content audit and strategy, and a plain-English workshop for staff and project sponsors, to inform a rewrite of the website. A series of user analysis observations including interviews, surveys and focus groups helped to identify user needs.

The team then used a final report of the findings to create four distinct user personas to develop user journey maps. Finally, Fluid created prototype wireframes for user testing based around audience needs, ensuring that the most common paths and requirements were simple to navigate. With testing complete Fluid developed the design of the site, ensuring it met all existing Brand Victoria design guidelines, without compromising on the experience of the audiences.


The new design transformed interaction with the site into a positive, modern user-experience. The new site significantly minimised the time, and effort users spent finding and understanding vital information. Completing transactions was substantially more convenient for users, reducing the number of calls and emails to the WWC Check Unit's Customer Support team.


– Brand Strategy
– Website Design
– UX
– UI

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